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Whoops! Oops! Your family forgot to stock up on gifts for the holidays, and it's up to YOU, a child, to pick up the slack! Return the undesirable gifts your mom just saddled you with, and use your slick childish wit to scrounge and strive for as many cool gifts as you can find!

Explore the still-intact wings of a mostly-abandoned mall, soak in the atmosphere and holiday vibes, and discover love again in this festive feast for your fearful, frosty fingers.

Fan the flames of your collector's instinct. Only you can do it, Shadow Child.

Submitted as Day 22 for MADVENT 3: NECROSIS (2022). A collaboration between:


Updated 17 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(52 total ratings)
AuthorsDiesel Rave Studios, smpletan, adriotes, oakey, Narwhix
Tagsabandoned-mall, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Funny, holiday, Horror, madvent-2022, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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MADVENT 2022 - A Mall Near You v1.04
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Lovely little game that doesn't make you think to hard about anything but captures a great atmosphere.

There is something weirdly nostalgic about wondering around a dying mall.

Hey there I played your game with a few other games and I went into yours completely dark! Your game was really quite fun and cute I didn't expect it at all! And while not very scary I can see the childlike imagination horror there and I loved the sound effects. Anyways here's my video for anybody!

I adore this game man. So much charm!

i liked the game, absolutely didn't expect to see my fav music albums on the t-shirts in on of the stores. machine girl and nanoray? totally surprising damn


It's a great game, with a very immersive atmosphere. I really liked it!!!


it's been a while since i'd been a kid but i feel like this game encapsulates the experience pretty well 馃憤馃憤馃憤


Incredible stuff! Putting aside the paranormal additions, this is a really accurate depiction of what local malls are like these days, and I appreciate the attention to detail. The rainforest cafe is when I knew I loved this.

Very charming and a little creepy!

dunno why but this reminds me of the backrooms! loved the game too


Really Loved this game! Had some good bits of humor, subtle creepy parts, and that ending had me SHOOK lol great job!!


Had a lot of fun, great job :)

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That was cute.

Hey everyone, don't forget to look round the left side outside of the mall!

Adorable little game, loved it


This was fantastic! The characters were funny and memorable. The mall was great setting as it was empty as it would be in real life which made checking everything out fun and easy to do. The parody names for the stores were hilarious as was the humor overall. The shadow creatures lurking in the background made sense as you are a young kid and your imagination still runs wild. Keep up the good work.  
Deleted 12 days ago

Unrelated but, is there a way to know what songs were used in this game? 

There's this one specific melody at the end (it's the ending scene that shows the name of the game and how many gifts you got) that's driving me insane, like i've heard it before but i don't remember it's name and i can't find this information anywhere. 

So.. please if someone out there does know it, end my suffering tell me the name please.



for anyone who might be interested, the song's name is "Auld Lang Syne"

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very cute game!! short, but a good time. love the art direction! worth it to try out for sure ^^ also loved the gameclam reference haha!

can't download for windows? anyone else having this problem?

Just edited the download link- try now again and let us know if it works!

yes! got it now! thanks so much!

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This game was surprisingly really fun! I kinda expected it to be super bland considering how its about running through a shopping mall, but I was VERY wrong. The game's art style is very cute, especially the characters. I even remarked how pretty the clerk from Jill's is. Super cute game that would be perfect for any Christmas playthrough!

I only wished that there were playable machines in the arcade where I could play little pixel games, similar to how you can in Stardew, but it makes sense why you can't.

This game was a surprise for me. I originally played it on the Madvent Calendar collection, but it was by far top 3 in that collection. Was never really scary, but it was fun, kept me interested, and had me laughing a few times. Overall great experience!


This Was Awesome

this was SO COOL i want more of this

Absolutely loved this

Will there be more to this?


You can expect more from us in the future!!


A Mall Even Closer to You

such a nice little horror experience, definetly worth playing it

An excellent little game! The atmosphere is on point and it never overstays its welcome. Well worth playing.

really comedic game with a kind of creepy undertone! I enjoyed it! 

This game is reeeeeeeally cool!

You should try it!


I Really Enjoyed This Game


Great game. I liked exploring around the mall. I also found the gnome around the corner after recording my playthrough. Is there a story / solution to the person banging behind the wall in Saul's? That was driving me crazy lmao.

I want to know about the hidden ghosts and heartbeat door too

We need more games like this game


This game was super fun! I loved how creepy it felt and it definitely felt close to home! 100/10! 

This game honestly was one of my favorites I played recently. Absolutely loved the feeling of the environment. The characters were so fun to interact with and finding all the pieces was an enjoyable puzzle! 10/10 

REALLY love this game ! Didn't know what to expect! First expected spooks but instead met with cute and interesting characters, had me excited who else i could meet in the mall, BUT THEN MY GUARD WAS DOWN :-;

Cute game. I really like the ambiance and art.

It's been so long since i've played an indie game this good, would love to see more stuff like this.

Great game!

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