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Amazing Game Fantastic

Graphics: Amazing low poly PS1 graphics done amazing with cartoon like characters mixed in very well

Gameplay/ Controls: Point A to B is a classic and done very well here. the humor was awesome and very funny with the horror not coming to the end. The Controls was very understandable and love the control screen integrated  in the parking lot very nice touch.

Sound: Amazing crisp and clear ambiance was awesome it really made it feel like i was in a mall.

9/10 Highly Recommend  Playing This Game Its Is Fantastic Can Not Wait to See Future Projects

Playthrough Video:

This was such an amazing experience, extremely eerie but all the references to the stores I remember from the 2000's made this feel oddly nostalgic too. Loved the little easter eggs in the game as well, very creative.

This was so good. Great work!

10/10 would love to see more or other similar games made

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I played through it again and found an Easter Egg on Christmas!

I also spotted a few bugs on my second run.

1) If you zoom in before interacting with someone / something, it gets stuck that way until you press the zoom again.
2) NPCs get stuck in their last expression when you say No Thanks, instead of returning to their default.
3) Using the zoom causes the inventory button to get stuck, as in it won't show the inventory. Getting any item un-sticks it though.
4) Clicking on the gnome and then clicking on the mall's entrance makes his sound effect play twice.

Also, I don't know if the animated spooky ghost GIF following the Saul's Employee in the dark corridor (assuming this is a PT reference, that she's possessed) was supposed to appear on its own and then change into her normal appearance, but when I walk backwards into the corridor, it just appears behind her "sleeping standing up" sprite. Which just looks kinda funny / silly. If that was intentional then I apologize.

Nice game, it confused me for a bit but I enjoyed it!

Estuvo increible, me encanto como se implemento la idea de los espacios liminales 😍

This is such a cute game, great characters. Really gave me Night in the Woods vibes with all their personalities, nice work!


i-is this mall based off of Northridge Mall in Milwaukee?

its not directly based on any one mall in particular, I used lots of references and images from all over so it may have had some inspiration!


This is  such a fun idea for a game. It was spooky without even being spooky .  Wish the game had  different endings .. I feel like  theres a secret I did not find ? 

I love this game. Very nice game


i enjoyed it! (:

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I honestly loved this. It's short but sweet, a real comfy little game to kill a bit of time on. Between the quiet mall, the childlike perspective of the slightly-unsettling ambience, and the overall retro-3D aesthetic, it hits all the right nostalgia points.

I found a couple of bugs, like the zoom-in getting stuck when talking to someone, or characters not turning back to their idle pose when you exit a conversation, but my only real issue was "I wish the game were longer, like if it had just a few more stores or more ways to interact with the environment & people, perhaps some alternate endings."
I'll probably play this a few more times again in the future, seems like something I'd unwind on.


Thank you so much for the input! Truth is this was made for Madvent Calender 3 and we kinda hit the max time limit lol.. You can expect more from us in the future that will be longer!!

If it's anything like AMNY, I'm looking forward to it! Good luck!

This game is lovely, super great with the writing, charm and unsettling feeling. There is something about this game that makes it so lovely and yet so unsettling, and I am all for that.

There needs to be more horror type games set in Malls, absolutely love the aesthetic!

Amazing game, had such a great time playing it!

Super fun!


saw markiplier play this and said out loud “oh this was made by gay people” and that is the biggest compliment i can give. great vibes


I just watched Markiplier play this game and I found it to be the one I liked the least. For a myriad of complicated reasons, it made me extremely uncomfortable. I'm going to download it anyway, for reasons I really don't understand. Take this as a compliment. Very few games have proven so good at horror that even my thrill seeker self doesn't like them.


Thats not a compliment


You misunderstand, it's so creepy, so efficient at what it strives to do, that I don't like it.


I think I know what you were trying to say but you came off extremely pretentious and dislikable man




I loved the writing, hilarious and adorable. The whole game is so stylized too! Incredible work <3

Hi! I'm obsessed with this game, aesthetic, etc. 😍 It really reminded me of a real life mall near me! Great job capturing the style and wonder of dying malls around the holiday and childlike wonder!

I'd love to help with music in the future if ever possible! I do a ton of ambient, vaporwave, experimental stuff. I felt the only thing missing from the game was weird distorted vaporwave echoing spookily and quietly throughout the empty halls.

Again I love the game! Never know how to reach out to people, but please feel free to reach out if you think we'd vibe 🥰


i luv this game :3


I hate it.


shut up dude




Saul/10 (love this game)

why must we subject sucklet itemlabel to the horrors


i cant figure out how to download this it just opens my notepa

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Hi, i saw this game and i really wanna play it, the issue is that when i download it it says the file is corrupted/damaged and i can't extract it. Is there a way i can fix it?

it may be your firewall blocking certain files from running!  idk what you'd have to mess with in settings to allow it through but I'd say give disabling something there a shot and we promise it aint a viroos let us know if that works

i figured a way to extract the files so i can play it but thanks for the help!


I really like this! I'm not big on horror or horror-esk games but this one really takes you by surprise, you go in believing it'll be all jumpscares and death at some point, but it's honestly just what a child would imagine or even over-exaggerate a mall to be like when by themself, especially one that prominently empty. 

I kept thinking something would happen, the mannequins would stop just turning to look at me and jump at me, the funk-pop room would lead to something much more sinister, the end hallway would inevitably kill me, but no. I was basically bamboozled into a false sense of defense and was surprised to see there wasn't really much to be concerned about XD. In all honesty, while the mannequins were scary, they were the only probable threat and since this is the perspective of a child, I could've thought I saw them moving. 

I love horror games from the perspective of kids because they often play with you and you're never sure what's real and what isn't. Of course, all my assumptions are theoretical, but I think you get it lol.

100/10 would recommend, loved it.

A pleasant surprise! Really enjoyed this one!

Lovely little game that doesn't make you think to hard about anything but captures a great atmosphere.

There is something weirdly nostalgic about wondering around a dying mall.

Hey there I played your game with a few other games and I went into yours completely dark! Your game was really quite fun and cute I didn't expect it at all! And while not very scary I can see the childlike imagination horror there and I loved the sound effects. Anyways here's my video for anybody!

I adore this game man. So much charm!

i liked the game, absolutely didn't expect to see my fav music albums on the t-shirts in on of the stores. machine girl and nanoray? totally surprising damn


It's a great game, with a very immersive atmosphere. I really liked it!!!


it's been a while since i'd been a kid but i feel like this game encapsulates the experience pretty well 👍👍👍


Incredible stuff! Putting aside the paranormal additions, this is a really accurate depiction of what local malls are like these days, and I appreciate the attention to detail. The rainforest cafe is when I knew I loved this.


Very charming and a little creepy!


dunno why but this reminds me of the backrooms! loved the game too


Really Loved this game! Had some good bits of humor, subtle creepy parts, and that ending had me SHOOK lol great job!!


Had a lot of fun, great job :)

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That was cute.

Hey everyone, don't forget to look round the left side outside of the mall!

Adorable little game, loved it

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