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i am not really sure what to do i wasnt paying attention to what the guy in the car said and i couldnt really figure out what to do with the sponge.  also game felt too short i left the mall and the only thing that really happened was after i told the sauls lady i was done shopping, some ghosts appeared and that was pretty much it.

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the chase had me, not gonna lie, plus the mall takes me back to silent hill 3 ahah. Great game

THIS IS SUCH A CHARMING GAME!!!! I LOVE how the 3D graphics look and the character designs and artsyle of the characters!! Although I was confused on what to do at some points, i managed to get all the stuff needed >:] I also love love the sprinkled horror elements, and the last part certainly gave me a run while screaming 😭 Overall, very fun game!

Hi, I'd like to volunteer to translate your game from English into Brazilian Portuguese.

good game that chase had me freaked out over nothing 


its a fun game

I enjoyed this it was really fun and spooky I enjoyed it a lot so good job!

Straight up the most fun I've had in a game in a long time. Very well done indie title.

Had lots of fun playing this, good job!

Fantastic game 

It captures what kind of a small town feels like with all the empty storefronts and I like that the horror element is derived just from what a kids overactive imagination would do in a nearly empty building at night rather than anything truly dangerous 


Malls are so liminal, great game! Check out my playthrough!

This game was amazing, I absolutely loved it, I enjoyed the simple yet creepy vibe it gave. 😆

This was surprisingly wholesome and nostalgic. I really enjoyed playing this game.


SUPER COOL! love the artwork and the eeriness! definetly an atmosphere horror game and im FOR it,


thids was awesome actually n the chgaracters r so cute


so true explodingcows54


of ocurse exploding friend

fun game but pliz don't end it like that

Good game

It was pretty interesting. ^^

come back to this all the time, the vibes are immaculate and very comforting :)

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I love this game, A LOT! I highly recommend <3 


really cutesy game loved it so much


thank you for this game i really enjoyed it 5/5


Great game! I keep coming back to it lol

A cute and funny little game, that was thoroughly enjoyable! I had a lot of fun playing it, It's not really a scary game but it is fun either way! :) 

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This was a charming game! lots of fun characters and funny humor! I found myself laughing at how silly some of the antics and jokes were.

I played this game on my channel and I had a blast!

I give this game a 10/10 art was good


This game was REALLY FUN to play. I enjoyed every single moment of it, I didn't get scared even once... maybe... Anyways go check out my perspective of the game, maybe you might it enjoy it ;)

this game is super cute

The controls are a little wonky  You have to stand against the wall, in order to stay still.  LMAO  I only collected five gifts, so far.

I love the art stil!

Fun :D

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Wonderful experience, I really felt like I was a kid scavenging/. The characters were super fun as well. 

I absolutely loved this game and I can't wait for what's next

Really cool game, love the vibe and the consistent art style!


yeah bro make a part 2 but make the mall BIGGER

Welp. That was fun. All the gifts collected...

We certainly will have a good Christmas.

Interesting game


I love this game very much. It's creepy and nostalgic and wonderful.

This may be a long shot, but does anyone know what stores Simon and Bathroom Delights are parodies of? I know all the rest, but I recognize the logos of those two -- just not the original names.


Bathroom Delights is a bath and body works or (more likely) lush i believe anndddd honestly simon is so familiar but i cant put my finger on it at all

This was one of the most accurate mall experiences ever in a video game. The true horror is the people we meet along the way...

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